Market Strategy

From sizing up your competition to providing honest, straight forward advice in language you understand, Petree Partners provides strategic recommendations to drive results.

  • Market introductions and refreshes

  • New office openings and expansions

  • Internal integrations for CRM, experience systems and other projects

Client Feedback

Private, third-party conversations with clients and service providers are an excellent resource for feedback. Petree Partners develops client programs that provide invaluable insights.

  • Client interviews & relationship programs

  • Client retreats

  • Industry roundtables

Effective Teams

Strong business development and back-office functions make a company more competitive, while inefficient teams can drive good people away. Petree Partners works with your existing resources to enhance your company’s future.

  • Operational planning and scaling for high growth

  • Marketing team and agency assessments

  • Interviewing and hiring recommendations

Professional Development

Coach your best and brightest to become client advocates and referral sources. Petree Partners enhances your toolbox.

  • For teams: We facilitate retreats to help teams prioritize new and existing business development opportunities

  • Enterprise-wide: We cultivate the next generation of client-focused team members